Our team

Our team consists of 6 psychologists and a psychiatrist, all trained in CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy) accredited by the AEMTC (French-speaking CBT association in Belgium).


Our team groups dynamic and positive personalities who know each other well, collaborate, support each other during regular supervisions and share a same work vision and philosophy.

Therapists pursue in-service training.

The psychologists adhere to the code of ethics of the ‘Commission belge des Psychologues’. The psychiatrist that of the ‘Ordre des Médecins’.

They are all bound by professional secrecy.

Extensive skills

Our therapists complement each other with their specialities, interests and experiences, therefore covering a large range of difficulties.

Each psychotherapist is able to treat various difficulties and yet has his/her own spécialités.

Spoken languages: English, Spanish, French, Sign language in French.

Our team consists of:

Melisa Delgadillo

Children, Adolescents, Adults

Languages : French, Spanish

Valérie Duvivier

Children, Adolescents, Adults, Families

Languages: French, English

Emeline Houyoux

Adolescents, Adults

Languages: French, English

Dr Magali Noro

Adolescents, Adults, Parents

Language: French

Anne-Catherine Simon

Adolescents, Adults

Languages: French, Sign language in French

Aurélie Vandermoten

Adolescents, Adults

Languages : French

Maud Van Rillaer

Adolescents, Adults

Languages : French, Dutch



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