There are many leaflets and self-help books for patients written by CBT therapists.


-For information on CBT history  (Learn more on CBT history)

-AEMTC: Association pour l'étude, la modification et la thérapie du comportemen a French-speaking CBT association in Belgium.  ( You can find a list of CBT therapists in Belgium and Luxembourg.

- CBP : La Commission belge des psychologues. Protects ans validates the Psychologist's title.  Every psychologist in the CETFCC is registered in that Commission. It allows a partial refund of the sessions by mutual insurance companies, European institutions or international organization like NATO or Eurocontrol.

- Formation Continue ULB: Certificat en cliniques psychothérapeutiques ULB-UMH orientation cognitivo-comportementale

- FBP : Fédération belge des Psychologues:

- BABCP: British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies:

- CACBT: Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies:

- American Institute for Cognitive Therapy:

-The Albert Ellis Institute:



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